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The sedative is taken orally, regardless of the meal. The sign recommended quantity is 10 mg 25-60 minutes first reproductive contact. It can also be enchanted from 4-5 hours to 25 minutes ahead procreative activity. The superlative frequency of appointment is 1 time / day. To achieve effectiveness, a enough bulldoze of sexual stimulation is required. Depending on the effectiveness and tolerability, the dosage can be increased to 20 mg or reduced to 5 mg / day. The uttermost everyday quantity is 20 mg.

Amendment of the dosage regimen in ancient patients is not required. In patients with quiet hepatic insufficiency, correction of the dosage regimen is not required. In patients with moderate liver lead balloon, the opening dispense is 5 mg per day. Subsequently, depending on the effectiveness and tolerability of treatment, the dispense can be increased to 10 mg and then to 20 mg.

Combined group therapy with alpha-adrenergic blockers and vardenafil may be accompanied around the maturation of arterial hypotension with the corresponding clinical spit, since these drugs be experiencing a vasodilating effect. The combined use of Levitra and alpha-blockers is permitted not if there are secure blood twist someone's arm values ??while enchanting alpha-blockers, while Levitra should be prescribed in the reduced recommended dose of 5 mg. Levitra should not be infatuated at the same time as alpha-blockers, with the exclusion of tamsulosin, which may agree with the administration of vardenafil. In the victim of charming a selected dose of Levitra, alpha-blocker remedy should be started in a nominal dose. A piecemeal swell in the dose of alpha-blockers to patients receiving drugs from the bring of PDE5 inhibitors can take to a more distant let up in blood pressure.

The prescribe of Levitra should not outdo 5 mg when combined with erythromycin, ketoconazole, itraconazole. The dose of ketoconazole and itraconazole should not pass 200 mg. The trust with indinavir and ritonavir is contraindicated.

Since vardenafil was not reach-me-down in patients with a proclivity to bleeding and in patients with exacerbation of peptic eruption, its view in these cases is credible only after a alert assessment of the correlation of aid and imperil of therapy. Vardenafil does not stir the duration of bleeding, nor does it agitate this meter when combined with acetylsalicylic acid. Vardenafil does not improve platelet aggregation caused by diverse drugs. At a concentration higher than corrective, vardenafil causes a slight increase in the antiplatelet sense of sodium nitroprusside, which is a benefactor of nitric oxide. The sense of vardenafil and heparin with concurrent use on the duration of bleeding has not been studied.

The signification of vardenafil on the hypotensive in point of fact of nitrates in patients has not been wilful, ergo, the combined work of Levitra and nitrates is contraindicated. Pediatric Exercise Vardenafil is not intended in search using in children. Influence on the wit to drive vehicles and direct mechanisms




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